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Vol 5 - The Journey Within - MP3

Vol 5 - The Journey Within - MP3


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This is a two-lecture series Download:  

Part 1: Love Is Inside - Go Find It - Everyone longs to feel love and well-being, yet it is so rare to actually experience it. It seems we’re constantly struggling to get love, to feel high and happy. Michael Singer, author of The Untethered Soul explains that true love is not just for the lucky few – it is a choice that anyone can make. It is all a question of where you are looking. Singer describes how the mind binds us to the outside world in our quest for love. He then helps you pave a direct route past the mind and to the love itself. There is a place deep inside yourself where you can experience unending upliftment, enthusiasm, and love. Go there and live there—permanently. 

Part 2: Living For The Energy Flow - What if right now you were totally free to experience the highest high of your life? The truth is, you have that choice every moment. Author Michael Singer shows how you can break the cycle of depending on outer situations to lift your energy. He explains that our apparent preference for people, places, and things is in reality, a preference for the energy they seem to create. What we really love is the energy itself. Singer empowers you to work directly with your inner energies in order to experience a constant state of unconditional well-being. This is the path of true yoga: choosing Spirit over form.

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