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Download Tips

1) For any Windows or Mac computer or any Android mobile device:

By default your downloaded MP3 files will be stored in the default downloads folder on your device. You may play the talks from there or move the files to a different folder.

2) For iPhone, iPad, or other Apple iOS device:

By default Apple iOS devices are set up to play, not store, downloaded MP3 files. To store the files for later use you must do one of the following:

i) Download the MP3 files to a computer first, then move them onto your mobile device via iTunes.

ii) Alternatively, you can download the MP3 files to any free cloud storage service (iCloud, DropBox, etc.) and play the files from there. For example, once DropBox is set up on your mobile device, you can download a talk file from our store, then select the Share button on the bottom of your screen, and then pick DropBox from the share options displayed. If DropBox is not one of your Share options, select More, and you can activate DropBox as a share option.

3) If you need assistance with downloads, or any other issue, please Contact-Us.