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Vol 4 - Turning Preference Into Peace - MP3

Vol 4 - Turning Preference Into Peace - MP3


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This is a two-lecture series Download:   

Part 1: Negating Nagging Needs - If you had the choice between working to satisfy your needs or ceasing to be bothered by them, which would you choose? Your choice determines whether your needs run your life, or whether they become a key to your freedom. With insight and humor, author Michael Singer takes you on an exploration of the nature of needs, where they come from, and why they can never truly be satisfied. He then offers clear insights on how to live a life of natural fulfillment and peace.

Part 2: Releasing the Root of Preference - What if right now you were actually on the verge of total freedom? The truth is, you are. Michael Singer, author of The Untethered Soul, shows that there are really just a handful of things in the entire Universe that keep you bound. These things are tied to your preferences. Where did your preferences come from, and how do they affect your happiness? With clarity and compassion, Singer invites you to take a journey to the root of personal preference to find the true well-being and freedom of your natural state.

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