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Vol 2 - Freedom from the Mind - MP3

Vol 2 - Freedom from the Mind - MP3


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This is a two-lecture series Download:

Part 1: The Cause of All Problems is the Mind - Liberation doesn't require that you go sit on a mountain top or dwell in a cave. True liberation means you are free to live your life and interact with reality in a state of clarity and joy. Why do we have so many problems with reality, and why is it so difficult to feel peace in our everyday life? In this talk, Michael Singer discusses how the personal mind distorts reality and causes suffering. He then offers a simple and profoundly clear solution to the problems of the mind.

Part 2: Out of the Mind's Shadow into the Light - We have all experienced times when we are overwhelmed with a feeling of complete contentment and happiness. During such times the mind is quiet, and a deep peace fills the heart. In this talk, Michael Singer explores why we don't feel this energy all the time. He clearly shows how the mind, like a cloud, stands between our consciousness and the ocean of joy within us. He then offers a clear and deep technique for dispelling this cloud and experiencing the spontaneous joy and love within.

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