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Vol 12 - Returning to the Source - MP3

Vol 12 - Returning to the Source - MP3


Product Description

This is a two-lecture series Download:

Part 1: Journey to Oneness – Walking the Path of Wisdom - What is the true nature of the world around us? Michael Singer shows how the analytical mind can help us discover deep truths about reality. Drawing from modern science and the ancient wisdom of yoga, Michael explains there’s only one field of energy from which everything is created and which forms everything we experience. This is the Oneness—you are part of it, and you are completely capable of realizing it. Returning to Oneness is the process of ceasing to fixate on yourself and, instead, learning to fully experience every manifestation of this amazing field of energy—the underlying force we call God.

Part 2: Self-Discipline – Harnessing Your Inner Power - Discover a life where spirit is always pouring through you. In this powerful talk, Michael Singer explains how to access the unconditional flow of spirit. Yoga teaches that we can create a container inside so our energy builds up, instead of being wasted outside. This built-up energy clears out the blockages we hold inside ourselves that keep us from feeling love and inspiration. Michael shares practices to cultivate inner discipline and stay centered during this process of transformation. As the blockages are cleared, the energy gets higher and higher until you don’t need anything to feel constantly uplifted—it is your natural state.

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