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Vol 11 - The Unlimited Energy of the Self - MP3

Vol 11 - The Unlimited Energy of the Self - MP3


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This is a two-lecture series Download:

Part 1: Understanding the Power of Consciousness and Transmutation - Your natural spiritual state is a beautiful flow of energy that fulfills you and brings deep peace. So, why aren’t you feeling that all the time? Michael A. Singer explains how we use the power of our own consciousness to hold negative impressions (samskaras) within us. These impressions block the energy flow and limit how you experience your life. Michael offers clear ways to liberate yourself from the distraction of your stored “stuff”. When you cease to participate in the habitual reactions caused by your samskaras getting hit, they naturally release, and all of their power comes back to you. That is true transmutation - the focus of your attention is swept into the upward energy flow, taking you to the higher inner states.

Part 2: Exploring the Relationship Between Consciousness and Energy - Furthering  the discussion in part 1, Michael A. Singer presents some very deep teachings on how all energy is actually the result of focused consciousness. You are unlimited “aware power”, but you choose to send your energy down into the limited world of your personal likes and dislikes. This is a heavy world built from constriction and fear. But it’s only as powerful as the attention you give it. Freeing yourself is a willful act of relaxing and not allowing your attention to be drawn downward. When you stop focusing on what pulls you down, you come to experience the beautiful upward flow of energy that is your natural state.

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