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Vol 10 - The Power of Inner Clarity - MP3

Vol 10 - The Power of Inner Clarity - MP3


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This is a two-lecture series Download:

Part 1: Spiritual Activism - The Path of Accepting and Serving Reality  How do we help to make things better in this world without being driven by anger, fear, or disillusionment? Author Michael Singer explains that right action in our modern world starts with acceptance—the place where spirituality and activism merge. When you are able to accept and handle reality as it is, then you can effectively deal with situations and help raise them from a place of clarity. Singer describes how to let go of your personal reactions and give your best to every moment that passes before you.

Part 2: Self Realization - Finding Your Way Home Discover who you truly are—beyond the commotion of life and the noise of the personal mind. Author Michael Singer helps us see that we are the indwelling consciousness, but we’re lost in thoughts about the outside world. Singer explains that the spiritual journey involves continuously letting go of all personal thoughts and emotions that obscure reality and keep us from our true nature.

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