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Set 02 - Doing the Real Work to Free Yourself - MP3

Set 02 - Doing the Real Work to Free Yourself - MP3


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NEW! This is a three-lecture series Download:

Part 1: Your Gift to God - I Will Not Close - There is an unconditional flow of high energy that is your natural state. The key to experiencing it is one simple question: are you open, or are you closed? Michael Singer explains why you close your mind and heart, how to recognize when you are closing, and how to stop closing. He then describes a simple path to unconditional happiness and love by making the commitment not to close. As Michael tells us, “Just as breath gives your body life, not closing gives your soul life."

Part 2: Detachment - Letting Go from Inside - Join Michael Singer on an exploration of the deep inner work of letting go. You will learn how your preferences bind you to the outer world, and why this attachment creates disturbance and disharmony. Michael discusses the life-changing practice of letting go from the place inside where you are clinging to the outside. Relax and release from that place of connection, and you are free. Detachment is not a cold state – it is the doorway to unlimited joy, love, and inner abundance.

Part 3: Ceasing to Be Interested in the Personal Mind - There comes a point in your growth when you’re wise enough to lose interest in your personal mind. In this practical teaching, Michael Singer discusses a clear truth: any energy you give to the personal mind keeps you bound. The way out is to question why you’re so interested in what the personal mind has to say. Once you lose interest, then everything changes. Michael presents simple and effective practices for transcending the chatter of the mind and finding peace and freedom.

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