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Set 01 - Your Inner Path to Deep Surrender - MP3

Set 01 - Your Inner Path to Deep Surrender - MP3


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This is a three-lecture series Download:

Part 1: Letting Go of the Personal to Live in the Energy Flow - Discover a life of freedom beyond the veil of ego. In this powerful talk, Michael Singer describes the stages of true surrender and how to navigate them with clarity. He guides you through the initial stage of recognizing the veil of the personal, and then letting life’s events help you release it. Once the veil is cleared, the path becomes one of letting go and continually releasing yourself into the flow of spirit (Shakti). This is the path of life, and every stage takes you deeper and deeper.

Part 2: Committing to What’s Beyond You - Your entire life changes when you cease to play the game of appeasing the personal mind. Michael Singer explains why you have created the personal mind, why you are so addicted to it, and how to transcend it by committing to something higher. There is a universe beyond the personal, and you can fully experience it. Michael describes the path: ceasing to commit to the personal mind, establishing witness consciousness, and then returning to full integration with the source of your being.

Part 3: The True Path – Surrendering to Shakti - There is a beautiful flow of unconditional love deep within you, and you can experience it. In this very special talk, Michael Singer presents a profound discussion of spiritual energy and your relationship to it. With his guidance, you’ll learn where the energy is blocked right now, how you can you begin to feel it, and how to fully attune yourself with it. Every moment of your life, your relationship with spirit can become fuller and richer. The true path is already paved for you—all you need to do is surrender to the flow of Shakti, and let it guide you home.

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