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Vol 9 - Your Direct Path to Inner Freedom

Vol 9 - Your Direct Path to Inner Freedom


Product Description

Two-lecture series on CDs:   

Part 1: Spirituality: The Gradual Process of Raising Yourself - True spirituality is about learning to bring the clearest person you can be into each moment of your life. Author Michael Singer describes the growth that comes from diligently working on your own inner state. He points out that you can change your inner environment if you really want to. By learning to continually relax in the midst of negative energies and habits, you can rise above them and find deep inner freedom and transformation. When you do this work to raise yourself, everything else in your life is naturally raised.

Part 2: Releasing the Pull of the Lower Self - Unconditional happiness and well-being are your natural state. But to realize this you must first be willing to release the part of you that is holding you back. Author Michael Singer explains how our actions are driven by our personal wants and fears, and how that personal part of us can never be truly satisfied. He then explains how you can go beyond the personal by releasing the hold it has on you. Michael offers a clear and profound technique for how to let go of the personal energies that bind you. When you release the pull of the lower self, you are free to reside in a state of unconditional well-being.

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