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  • The Power of Inner Clarity
    NEW! Two-lecture series on CDs: Part 1: Spiritual Activism - The Path of Accepting and Serving Reality  How do we help to make things better in this world without being driven by anger, fear, or disillusionment?...More Button for Product Description
  • Your Direct Path to Inner Freedom
    Two-lecture series on CDs:   Part 1: Spirituality: The Gradual Process of Raising Yourself - True spirituality is about learning to bring the clearest person you can be into each moment of your life. Author Michael...More Button for Product Description
  • Author's Insights on The Untethered Soul
    Two-lecture series on CDs:   Part 1: The Untethered Soul and the Spiritual Path - In this talk, Michael Singer discusses how the experience of reading The Untethered Soul mirrors the spiritual path itself. He...More Button for Product Description
  • Freedom from the Mind
    Two-lecture series on CDs:   Part 1: The Cause of All Problems is the Mind - Liberation doesn't require that you go sit on a mountain top or dwell in a cave. True liberation means you are free to live your life and...More Button for Product Description
  • The Clarity of Witness Consciousness
    Two-lecture series on CDs:   Part 1: The World, the Mind, the Heart, and You - From the seat of witness consciousness you can experience life with complete clarity. Michael Singer, author of The Untethered Soul,...More Button for Product Description
  • Turning Preference Into Peace
    Two-lecture series on CDs:   Part 1: Negating Nagging Needs - If you had the choice between working to satisfy your needs or ceasing to be bothered by them, which would you choose? Your choice determines whether...More Button for Product Description
  • The Journey Within
    Two-lecture series on CDs:   Part 1: Love Is Inside - Go Find It - Everyone longs to feel love and well-being, yet it is so rare to actually experience it. It seems we’re constantly struggling to get love, to...More Button for Product Description
  • Letting Go into Freedom and Fulfillment
    Two-lecture series on CDs:   Part 1: Staying Centered in the Midst of Life - Is it really possible to live your everyday life in a state of complete well-being? How do you attain such a state? Michael Singer,...More Button for Product Description
  • Honoring and Respecting Reality
    Two-lecture series on CDs:   Part 1: Living in Harmony with the Present Moment - Practical spirituality is about what you are doing with the moment unfolding in front of you. Michael Singer, author of The...More Button for Product Description
  • Taking Charge of Your Inner Growth
    Two-lecture series on CDs:   Part 1: Developing the Strength of Your Inner Being - Have you ever decided you want to change, but your habits keep getting in the way? Author Michael Singer explains how both...More Button for Product Description