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  • The Unlimited Energy of the Self
    NEW! Two-lecture series on CD Part 1: Understanding the Power of Consciousness and Transmutation - Your natural spiritual state is a beautiful flow of energy that fulfills you and brings deep peace. So, why aren’t you...More Button for Product Description
  • The Power of Inner Clarity
    Two-lecture series on CDs: Part 1: Spiritual Activism - The Path of Accepting and Serving Reality  How do we help to make things better in this world without being driven by anger, fear, or disillusionment? Author...More Button for Product Description
  • Author's Insights on The Untethered Soul
    Two-lecture series on CDs:   Part 1: The Untethered Soul and the Spiritual Path - In this talk, Michael Singer discusses how the experience of reading The Untethered Soul mirrors the spiritual path itself. He...More Button for Product Description
  • Freedom from the Mind
    Two-lecture series on CDs:   Part 1: The Cause of All Problems is the Mind - Liberation doesn't require that you go sit on a mountain top or dwell in a cave. True liberation means you are free to live your life and...More Button for Product Description
  • The Clarity of Witness Consciousness
    Two-lecture series on CDs:   Part 1: The World, the Mind, the Heart, and You - From the seat of witness consciousness you can experience life with complete clarity. Michael Singer, author of The Untethered Soul,...More Button for Product Description
  • Turning Preference Into Peace
    Two-lecture series on CDs:   Part 1: Negating Nagging Needs - If you had the choice between working to satisfy your needs or ceasing to be bothered by them, which would you choose? Your choice determines whether...More Button for Product Description
  • The Journey Within
    Two-lecture series on CDs:   Part 1: Love Is Inside - Go Find It - Everyone longs to feel love and well-being, yet it is so rare to actually experience it. It seems we’re constantly struggling to get love, to...More Button for Product Description
  • Letting Go into Freedom and Fulfillment
    Two-lecture series on CDs:   Part 1: Staying Centered in the Midst of Life - Is it really possible to live your everyday life in a state of complete well-being? How do you attain such a state? Michael Singer,...More Button for Product Description
  • Honoring and Respecting Reality
    Two-lecture series on CDs:   Part 1: Living in Harmony with the Present Moment - Practical spirituality is about what you are doing with the moment unfolding in front of you. Michael Singer, author of The...More Button for Product Description
  • Taking Charge of Your Inner Growth
    Two-lecture series on CDs:   Part 1: Developing the Strength of Your Inner Being - Have you ever decided you want to change, but your habits keep getting in the way? Author Michael Singer explains how both...More Button for Product Description
  • Your Direct Path to Inner Freedom
    Two-lecture series on CDs:   Part 1: Spirituality: The Gradual Process of Raising Yourself - True spirituality is about learning to bring the clearest person you can be into each moment of your life. Author Michael...More Button for Product Description